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Aquamarine Stack Necklace with Copper

Aquamarine Stack Necklace with Copper

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This beautiful, handmade, aquamarine and copper necklace would suit any woman who loves beautiful jewellery, especially if they are born in March. 

This unique, bohemian necklace is so versatile as it is perfect for a special occasion, but also looks amazing with jeans and a t-shirt. 

This listing is for ONE randomly selected Aquamarine Stack Necklace.

Pendants very between 5cm and 8cm in length on average, and the chains are approximately 32cms long. 

Aquamarine protects the psyche from taking on dark vibrations and negative behavioural patterns. It gently brings rejuvenation and renewal to the mind, body and spirit. The soothing, go with the flow frequencies of Aquamarine make it an excellent tool in crystal healing. 

Wearing copper has been claimed to offer several health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties. Copper is sometimes used in traditional medicine for conditions like arthritis and joint pain. Some people wear copper bracelets or other jewellery to help reduce inflammation, promote circulation and to relieve joint and muscle pain.

Head to the About Section and Crystal Care to see how to care for and keep your crystal jewellery energised. Also to read more about how we make our beautiful, unique, copper and crystal pieces.

Make sure to carefully review the measurements and photos to ensure the product meets your expectation and need before making a purchase.

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