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Savage Boho Studio

Gemstone & Crystal Point Earrings | Dainty Dangly Copper-Wired Stone Earrings | Boho Handmade Jewellery

Gemstone & Crystal Point Earrings | Dainty Dangly Copper-Wired Stone Earrings | Boho Handmade Jewellery

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These dainty crystal and stone earrings are perfect for anyone who loves to wear pretty jewellery. They have a gently, healing earthing energy and feel beautiful to wear.

This listing is for one set of earrings. Please choose the number option using the photos and description below as reference.

The earring are approximately 8cm long from the top of the hook, or 6cms from the base of the hook.

If you would like something similar but longer or shorter please message us as we are happy to create a custom order for you.

1. Rhodonite
Pink Tourmaline Smoky Quartz Point

2. Peridot Smoky Quartz Clear Quartz Point

3. Prehnite Jade Aquamarine Clear Quartz Point

4. Rose Quartz Pink Tourmaline Clear Quartz Point

5. Red Web Rhodonite Lava Stone Smoky Quartz Point

6. Pink Pearl Red Web Rhodonite Clear Quartz Point

7. Smoky Quartz Fluorite Clear Quartz Point

8. Lapis Lazuli Mookite Jasper Smoky Quartz Point

9. Aquamarine Kyanite Jade Clear Quartz Point

10. Prehnite Jade Picasso Jasper Smoky Quartz Point

11. Aquamarine Peridot Clear Quartz Point

12. Smoky Quartz Yellow Jade Smoky Quartz Point

13. Red Web Rhodonite Lava Stone Clear Quartz Point

14. Frost Cracked Agate Lava Stone Clear Quartz Point

15. Red Web Rhodonite Red Aventurine Smoky Quartz Point

Each piece in our collection is handmade in Australia, and is original and unique. All our crystals are regularly charged with the healing energy of our Sun, infused with grounding Earth Energy, and are cleansed under the moon.

We use a process called electroforming, where we first hand paint a conductive paint onto each stone where we want the copper to be. We then submerge the stone in an electrochemical solution and run a low electrical current to promote the growth of copper onto the piece. This means that each piece is not only beautiful but a one-of-a-kind, original creation.

There are many ways to keep your crystal jewellery energetically charged, but an easy way is to use the natural energy of the sun or the moon. For sunlight, leave them outside for anywhere from six to 24 hours, making sure to bring them inside if there's inclement weather. You can also leave your stones on a windowsill before dawn and remove them after sunset, to get the most sunlight exposure possible. For moonlight cleansing and charging, place the crystal outside on the ground, overnight on the night of the full moon.

To take care of your crystal jewellery, we recommend giving your crystals a light polish regularly, to remove dust or dirt on the surface, and to maintain their shine. A soft, lint-free cloth is perfect for this task.

If you have multiple pieces of crystal jewellery, store them separately or in pouches to prevent scratching and damage. Avoid storing harder crystals with softer ones to prevent potential damage.

Make sure to carefully review the photos to ensure the product meets your expectation and need before making a purchase.
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